The Pony Pool

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The Pony Pool is a mini-lease program where riders (5 years old to infinity) are able to lease a horse to take a weekly lesson. The Pony Pool is designed to develop horsemanship and riding skills by giving our members the opportunity to learn the art of horse care from the ground up.

Our Horses

We have elderly ponies and horses perfect for children from 5 to 11, some being former A rated show champions. These lovely horses have very gentle ground manners for teaching children the basics.

Just as popular with adolescents and adults are some of our well trained quarter horses and crosses. These steady mounts will enable instructors to rapidly teach you the finer skills of English riding due to their good nature and willing spirits.

Additionally, more experienced riders can experience a wider range of temperaments and abilities and may also have the chance to ride our younger and greener horses.

The Rules

Riders can be almost any age as long as they have the interest to learn how to care for and ride horses and ponies in a quality, safe manner.  Pony Pool members are riders who have a limited amount of experience with horses and may not ride without an instructor present. They may be people who have never been around a horse in their life or need to build more confidence in their riding ability before riding alone.

Our riders or their parents sign a 7 month lease agreement  for our program. This enables our stable to house, feed, hay, shoe, clip, blanket, bed, and pay the salaries of the stable workers that care for our horses. No one rides without the 7 month agreement to ride.

Included in the contract is a release encompassing the Virginia Equine Liability Act of 1991, which states that horses have a propensity to act in unpredictable way and manner on any surface, and that riding and being around horses and mules is a dangerous activity that may lead to serious injury or even death. Every rider must sign this release prior to working with or being around our horses.

Rates and Scheduling

Initial evaluation ride | $100

One ride per week in a lesson | $250 per month

Two rides per week | $350 per month

Three rides per week | $450 per month

Maintenance Fee | $200 bi-annually (October & April)

** These rates do no include the instructor fee.  Our instructors are independent contractors and fees are approximately $45-$90 per lesson.  Riders pay fees directly to the instructor. 

** Riding Instructors and Stable Management will schedule riders based on availability of suitable mounts.

** Lessons missed due to inclement weather will be made up based on the availability of the instructors and horses. 


The any person wishing to work with or ride a horse at Angelica Run Farm is required to complete and sign a Release and Hold Harmless Form.  

If you would like to join the Pony Pool (this can be done after you've had your trial lesson with one of our instructors), please complete and sign the Pony Pool Leasing Agreement.

** We do have copies of all of these available at the farm as well if you would rather fill them out when you get here. Just remember you will not be able to work with or ride any of our horses until you have completely filled out and signed the release form (This is for insurance purposes. Sorry!)

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