Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I ride at Angelica Run Farm without joining the Pony Pool or Advanced riding programs?

No. Because of insurance reasons Angelica Run cannot offer riding opportunities to anyone not enrolled in either the Pony Pool or Advanced Rider Programs unless they are a boarder. This also applies to friends or family members of Pony Pool/ARP members.

Can anyone join the program?

No. We do have a weight and height limit on riders for the soundness and comfort of our horses of no more that 160 lbs and 5'10".

How can I join the Pony Pool or Advanced Rider Programs?

To join either the Pony Pool or Advanced Rider programs, first get in contact with one of our instructors. They will help you set up a time to come out and ride one of our horses to asses your suitability for the program you are interested in. When you come out for your ride, please bring a signed copy of our release with you, or be prepared to fill one out when you get here. If you are sure of which program you would like to join, you are also welcome to print out the correct agreement(found on our forms page) and bring that with you as well.

Can I start in the Pony Pool and graduate into the Advanced Rider Program?

Yes. Your instructor can reevaluate you for the Advanced Rider Program once you are ready to ride independently. If you graduate to the Advanced Rider Program your same seven month lease period applies, you do not need to start a new lease term.

If I go on vacation will I still have to pay my Pony Pool or ARP fee?

Yes, it is like horse ownership, you have to pay board even if you don't ride or travel.

If I travel or it rains can I make up my lessons or ARP rides?

Lessons missed because of travel or inclement weather cannot be made up unless at the descretion of your instructor. ARP rides missed due to inclimate weather may be made up within the same week but will not rollover from week to week.

Are lesson fees in addition to the Pony Pool fee?

Yes, you pay for your lesson to your instructor directly. The Pony Pool or ARP fee goes to pay for the upkeep of the horses.

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